Zen Wood Garden Gate

  • $ 2,200.00

This wood garden gate is handcrafted with a 3/4" thick solid core of marine-grade plywood, with bamboo on both sides. 
The metal design in the center is cut on a 1/4" thick bronze plate, using a water jet. This process allows for extremely detailed cuts in the metal. The color variations seen in the bronze are the result of oxidation due to climate exposure. Each bronze piece will take on unique coloring over time, depending upon climate and the shape of the design.  The gate pieces are joined together traditionally with a mortise & tenon joint and modernized by strengthening the joint with marine-grade epoxy, producing an incredibly strong structure. This gate can be fastened by hinges without the need of additional supporting hardware.
If you desire to customize the gate dimensions or design in some other way, please submit your request for a quote on the Custom Form.



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