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Williams Gate Works Palo Alto, CA 

At Williams Gate Works, we take pride in providing residential and commercial customers in Palo Alto with the ultimate in wooden gates, whether you need an entrance from your driveway or side yard into another area of your property, or are looking for custom wood gates for a garden or backyard entrance. Perhaps you need a new entrance in an existing fence, and prefer a gateway crafted of redwood or other solid wood over the traditional selection you find at many home improvement and supply stores. With our entry solutions, you will enjoy not only the ultimate in quality and functionality, but a beautiful addition to your landscape. 

Garden, backyard, driveway, and custom gates made of the finest wood products have been our specialty for more than 25 years. Whether you are a home or business owner, you will find our wide variety of wooden gates suitable for your needs, and designed to last a lifetime. Many entrance solutions made of wood tend to rot, crack, warp, or split over time. Because of the process we use in crafting our wood backyard gates and those for your garden, driveway, or side yard, you can enjoy a solid wood gate that is of exceptional quality and meant to last, designed to be visually appealing and complement your property. 

Wooden entrances make it possible to access all areas of your property easily, while adding aesthetic appeal to your home or business landscape. Perhaps you have a fenced-in side yard you can only access through the back of your home, or a garden that must be protected by a fence. In some cases, homeowners desire a driveway gate in order to keep others from gaining access to their properties. Whatever your needs, Williams Gate Works provides quality solutions that are not only durable and functional, but exquisitely detailed and customized to your needs.