For over 25 years, Williams Gate Works has provided residential and commercial customers in Carmel with beautifully designed, unique solutions to all of their front yard, driveway, backyard, side, garden, fence, and custom gate needs. You may be a homeowner in need of a solid wood entry for your front or backyard, or a commercial business owner in need of a wooden gate for a fence that surrounds all or part of your property. Our entrance solutions are of the utmost in quality, and designed to enhance your structure/landscape in a way that stands apart. An attractive entry gate can be the focal point of your home!

Because our redwood and other wooden gates are crafted of the finest quality wood, you can enjoy peace of mind without worry of splitting, rotting, warping and other problems often associated with wood products. Our attention to detail ensures your wood gate will function perfectly in any application, whether as an entry to a driveway, side yard, garden or other area of your property. 

There are endless styles/varieties of gates at most home improvement and supply stores, however these options are the traditional type you find on every other property, nothing spectacular or unique about them - in a word, ordinary. When you desire a custom gate made by skilled craftsmen who are dedicated to unsurpassed quality and even perfecting the smallest details, choose a company who focuses solely on solid wood gates for every purpose. At Williams Gate Works, we design driveway, backyard, garden, or fence gates you can rely on to last for decades or even longer, fine wooden entrances that will enhance curb appeal and complement your landscape.