Gate Locks

Williams Gate Works offers the Coastal Bronze Collection of gate locks varying from deadbolts, slide bolts, & privacy bolts.  The hardware is cast in bronze, an excellent option for gate hardware because bronze resists rust & corrosion even when exposed to outdoor elements. Coastal Bronze adds a patina to all gate locks which creates the look of already aged bronze. Over time, a highlight may develop from wear adding to the bronze's natural sheen. All gate locks are covered by the Coastal Bronze warranty. 

Williams Gate Works is a custom gate company offering bronze gate hardware nationwide, whether for driveway, garden, side or backyard, fence, or other purposes in residential and commercial applications. While our specialty is designing beautiful wooden gates that are durable, visually appealing, and last a lifetime, we also provide gate latches and hardware crafted of bronze, a material that is rust proof for years of reliability and enjoyment. 

A few of the products we provide to home and business owners include bronze gate latches, band and strap hinges, bronze cane bolts, levers, and more. We know that without the proper bronze band or strap hinges, gate latches, and bolts, a gateway provides little security. In order for a gate to function properly and last for decades or even a lifetime, hardware crafted of materials that are rust proof are essential. Most metals will rust over time when exposed to snow, ice, rain, and other weather-related elements including humidity, however our weather-proof metal ensures longevity in gate hardware that will function properly without the worry of rusting. 

From cane bolt and drop bar latches to cabin hooks, dead bolts, drop bars with knobs and packages that include a bronze thumb latch with drop bar, gate stop, and button tip hinges, we supply all of the bronze gate hardware you need to ensure your entrances are properly installed, secure, and function easily. 

Whether a home or business owner, trust Williams Gate Works when in search of top quality bronze gate latches, band hinges, strap hinges, speak easy, cane bolts, and more. We are your one-stop shop for rust resistant hardware that not only lasts a lifetime, but gives your property a beautiful, old world look that adds to the curb appeal of your property. With more than 25 years in the industry, you can trust us with all of your gate hardware needs!